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Golf Injury Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

Golf Rehabilitation to Get You Back in the Game

Evaluating and Treating Clients with Hand Injuries, Disease, or Dysfunction

Golf is a high-skill, intermittent-intensity game that challenges your body in a unique way. Repetitive motion injuries, back and neck pain, muscle strains, joint sprains, and other golf injuries are common among golfers. Our sports performance coaches offer relief, recovery, injury prevention, and performance improvements.

Physical limitations can negatively impact the swing, or worse, cause injury. Getting back into the game without correcting the contributing factors could mean continued suffering or improper healing. Golf rehabilitation helps to correct the physical characteristics contributing to the problem, enabling you to recover with confidence.

A Few Tips to Reduce the Likelihood of Golf Injuries

If you’re currently injury-free:

  • Build up your endurance through regular aerobic activities
  • Add strength training to your exercise routine
  • Work on your flexibility with stretching exercises to improve your range of motion
  • Warm up before teeing off
  • Wear golf shoes with short cleats rather than long ones to reduce strain on your ankles and knees
  • Use care when lifting heavy golf bags
  • Try to hit the ball, not the ground

If you currently have a golf injury:

  • Consult with your health care provider
  • Seek physical therapy from a local sports therapy expert

How can Diablo Sports Performance help You?

Diablo Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine hires top talent, equipping them with the tools and continuing education needed to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. We believe that golfers of all abilities and all ages benefit from a healthy, efficient body.

Performing a detailed evaluation, our physical therapists and performance coaches assess your functional movement patterns so they can develop a rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific golf injuries, functional characteristics, and performance goals.

Is golf rehabilitation right for you? Schedule a consultation where you can learn more about:

    • Physical therapy for a golf injury or pain
    • If you could benefit from corrective exercises such as rotation, stability, extension, and flexion corrections
    • Conditioning the body relative to the game and golf movements
    • Preventing future golf injuries

We want to help you get back in the game with confidence and strength.

Request a Personal Workout Plan with Pricing

FAQs about Golf Rehabilitation

Can you help me with my golf technique?

Golf rehabilitation isn’t about technique per se, but rather about correcting the physical limitations that may be interfering with your technique. Though a golf coach and a performance coach may conduct similar swing analyses, we use them differently. Our interest is in discovering and correcting the body’s physical limitations affecting your swing or potentially contributing to existing or future injuries. That said, as your physical issues are corrected, you’ll likely notice an improvement in your golf game.

What do weight training, stretches, and exercises have to do with improving my swing?

After assessing your current health and history, physical fitness, swing mechanics and biometrics, and movement quality, our physical therapists will recommend the most appropriate strengthening and conditioning exercises based on your specific results. For example, C-posture is where your upper back exhibits excessive roundness when you are gripping a golf club. This can be caused by physical conditions such as muscle imbalances, scapular instability, lack of pelvic tilt, and instability in your core muscles.

How does physical therapy help to treat and prevent golf injuries?

Golf is a highly repetitive sport that can stress certain parts of the body. Golfer’s elbow, for example, is a common golf injury. The Graston Technique is often used to treat golfer’s elbow by reducing scar tissue formation and promoting an improved range of motion. Following up with a biomechanical assessment of your golf swing helps us to identify and address any other potential deficits contributing to the original problem. Thus, not only can golf rehab treat the injury, it can help prevent a recurrence.

What types of golf injuries can be treated through your golf rehabilitation and physical therapy services?

Diablo Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine helps clients with a broad range of golf injuries including:

    • Back pain, neck pain, and rib pain
    • Hip sprains and strains
    • Ankle sprains and strains
    • Shoulder impingement
    • Golfer’s elbow
    • Plantarfasciitis
    • Abdominal muscle strains
    • Knee sprains and injuries

Is golf rehabilitation covered by insurance?

It may be. Start by checking your health insurance plan to see what type of coverage you have for outpatient physical therapy or call our office and we’ll be happy to verify your coverage.

Consult with a Sports Performance Coach to Learn More

Ready to get back in the game? Our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to help.